2010 Family Photo

2010 Family Photo
Family Picture Time

Monday, November 22, 2010

Curly Girl!

Here she is, miss Belle with a lovely head full of curls, she wanted to have her hair curled so bad, and she was so good when I was putting the little 'blue sponge curlers' in, not a wimper or anything, and then tonight she was still all smiles about it -- the irony being that today I straightned my hair....teee heee opposites in some things and the same in others I guess...however she is wearing the most awesome color of the week RED for the U of U!!
It's ON!!! BYU vs. UTAH, hahaha, this week Don is a little saucier than normal about it, but Belle and I the ever vigilant UTAH Fans will not back down...so this week we are wearing red when we can and I painted our finger nails Red last night, she is so funny, she was all stressed about wearing blue jeans today because she said that would make her a BYU Fan, so funny! I love it! Our wager this week is that the one that looses has to wear a hat for the opposing team all next week, I know a wimpy bet but hey it is all in fun so there you go. GO UTAH....and well for fon GO BYU...(I have to be fair)

Belle - Tee Hee -

I love this one!!! Don was trying to be all serious, so the BYU Fan....yet he married a U of U fan... and well Belle is a U of U gal too, she was getting him back in this picture for telling someone that she was a BYU Fan, she protested strongly and kept asking him to take it back - it was so cute!!!

Belle, Jesse & The Pizza Roll...

Such a silly gal! Belle wanted her picture taken while eating this 'little pizza' as she calls it, to the rest of us they are Pizza Rolls....cute silly gal and her Jesse Doll, ooh how we love her!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She is a UTE girl - I love that!!! She does like BYU too though, I do try to be fair..to Don...tee hee

She was so excited to find some leaves that were pretty, it was fun watching her look so hard for them.

We appreciate all our Soldiers do for us, and for those they help in foreign lands! Thank you!
Our service men and women are so important to us it was so wonderful that we could welcome some home!
Training Wheels.....I don't need any stinking training wheels!
The handsome hunter...they went up and only made it one night, it was cold and snowy, but we were glad to have him home early, so we will not complain!
Summer fun with some cousins in 2010
Family fun at the park, just having some fun on family night.

Belle in all her princessness!

Now... here is Papa's Heart!
Now here is my heart!!
Don is the BEST! He made some super good Banana Bread, it was so yummy! Who Says Boys Can't Bake!!

Ok, Ok we are wimps! We never have had to bundle Belle up, so it was kind of funny that she had to 'learn' how to put gloves on this year, she has had mittens but really in Southern Utah we never needed to bundle so much.....so here she is, Snow Boots, Coat, Snow Pants and Gloves all ready for the cold and Snow!!
Belle..Belle...where are you.....Belle.....
Ok well I have to say, when I saw this picture I wanted to cry! How did she get so big? We have always known how lovely and beautiful she is, but really is she this big!! Oh heavens how fast the time flies how lovely these past years have been.
To get rid of the stress of a particular hard day, Papa and Belle went fishing after he got off of work, it is something that we really like doing together, tee hee and just as I am typing this..I hear Belle say 'Daddy, when do we get to go fishing again' - again another source of a mama's joy, and a papa's too!!
Belle really, really wanted some sock puppets, and so here they are, I can't remember what she named them, but my heavens she has had fun with them, that is the extent of my art ability, kind of limited but good enough for her to enjoy and have fun with :) = now that is a mama's joy!
Sweet Pie!
Perfect Job by Miss Belle!! Her First Pie, we should of taken a picture of the finished product, it was a yummy Pecan Pie...yummy!

16 Years together totally and utterly in Love.....
And here's....Mama :)
This is also a nice family picture, Look at our lovely flower in the middle!
Gotta Cuddle!!!